Email to Advertise

During a email campaign address to your clients, members or mailing list subscribers it is also necessary to monitor it and know when your emails are actually read.
The “Email Marketing Use and Trends Report: H1 created upon the information collected from the Mailer’s 70 million clients, proved the following :

1. Email checking The same day you send the email – This is when most of your targeted audience ( 80% ) will receive and read your email. 95% of your target audience will receive and read your email after 6 days of delivery.

2. Sending out a email can fail : when one of your subscribers changed his/her’s email address without letting you know, if the email is marked as spam or if the email server of one of your subscriber(s) is not responding or it’s offline.

A recent study proved that the failure rate when sending the first 5 emails to your subscribers is 6%, after you delete the invalid email addresses from your mailing list the failure rate when down to 3.9%.
Sending an email to government institutions will have a smaller failure rate ( 2.41% ), e-commerce companies ( 3.8%) and real estate agencies ( 4.19%).

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3. Opening and viewing the email It is already know and proved that sending an email to government institutions, telecommunication companies, ecommerce companies, real estate agencies, have the highest receiving and reading rate. Most of them receive and read your email within the first 48 hours. Also, emails sent on Monday’s have a bigger receiving & reading rate compared to the other days of the week.

4. Link clicking Emails containing links were accessed in a proportion of 4.27%. Even if a small number of emails are send during the weekend, the ones that were sent on Saturday( 5.11%) and the ones sent on Sunday(5.54%) were received and read often then those sent during the week. In the same time, emails with a personalized subject were opened and read by more people than those that just had personalized content or those that were not personalized at all.

Be smart when sending out emails. Creating and maintaining a mailing list can be a very effective tool that you can use when running a web site or a online business.

Retirement Are You Close?

The call to earn money in retirement is fast becoming a necessity and this is so because when you retire from the workplace you continue forevermore to face the prospect of escalating living expenses: food, shelter; clothing, power supply, insurances, communications, income tax, etc, with less left over than you had at your disposal before for enjoying the minor luxuries of life.

For the majority of seniors the prospect is doubly daunting as a direct result of vastly reduced incomings due to the world wide pension crisis and so the need to earn money in retirement becomes imperative.

My Retirement Plan

What do you do when there is too much month left at the end of your pension; do you bite the bullet and settle for cutbacks in the quality of life?

Not inevitably so because with tried and tested guidance you can stretch your abilities to make some extra cash in retirement and for some this is not so much an option as a necessity.

How do you visualize life in retirement?

You have reached or are approaching your 60th/65th year and are eligible for retirement. Or maybe you’re only 50 and opted out early.

Do you punch the air with a tightly clenched fist now that you have finally escaped from the workplace?

Or do you ask yourself, ‘What do I do now?’

For many retirees, lounging around the house or lying in the sun in a deck chair is not a prerequisite for third age enjoyment and fulfilment.

While the world is undoubtedly aging and the number of elderly people is increasing, the current crop of senior citizens is in better health and lead longer, more active lives than their parents did.

  • They want action, not eternal relaxation;
  • Excitement, not enforced leisure;
  • Accomplishment, not resignation.

Conventional retirement is just too dreary, and many remain emotionally unprepared to throw the working life concept entirely to the wind. Some could also make good use of opportunities to increase basic income.

So, in lieu of conventional retirement, a significant number of third age people are turning to entrepreneurship as an alternative.


With valuable commercial skills acquired through years of practical experience, many of these retirees give serious consideration to launching their own businesses. They believe they still have what it takes and are highly motivated to succeed on their own.

  • Is it hard to earn money in retirement?
  • Is it so restrictive that only a small number can succeed?
  • Is it so demanding that only able-bodied retirees can make a go of it?
  • Is it so difficult that only the super-intelligent stand a chance?

No – anyone can do it. If, for example, you are disabled or handicapped to some degree and would find it impossible to engage in a physical money-making activity you can still participate in ‘online’ enterprise – for which alternative route you will find many options.

So who is Jim Green and why should you read what he has to say about how to earn money in retirement?

Jim Green is 75 years young and as active in business as he was 50 years ago. He is also a bestselling author with 24 titles to his credit including “Your Retirement Masterplan” and “Earn Money in Retirement” Books are available on Amazon.

Think About Choosing A Home Business

With so many options and the world as your oyster, it can be difficult choosing a home business and deciding which one is right for you. Every day, many people embark on new business ventures in the hopes that they will find success. The key to choosing a home business that works is to choose something that you love.

There are a number of ways to get ideas when choosing a home business. Take a moment to sit down and make a list of your favorite things. Perhaps you love to create in the kitchen and would enjoy operating your own restaurant. On the other hand, maybe you have a knack for style and possess the creativity that would be ideal for interior design. When choosing a home business, try to make it something that you will enjoy doing every day. If it’s a hobby that you love, perhaps you would enjoy a business surrounding the idea. If you collect stamps, coins, autographs or other collectibles, perhaps a specialty store would be a wonderful way to spend your days.

ctfologo   If you are still unsure about choosing a home business, browse through some entrepreneur magazines or websites and see if any ideas reach out to you. Quite often, the least obvious things are those that we would enjoy doing the most. If you are a stay at home mom, then you obviously love children. Perhaps babysitting would be a fun way to earn some extra money. Start slow in the beginning and work your way up to an actual business if you enjoy the work.

When choosing a home business, select something with as little stress as possible. If your new home business proves to be stressful, it will make you unhappy. The same is true with any job involving any increased amount of stress. One way to avoid stress is to decide how much time you can devote to the business before actually choosing a home business. One type of career may require very little time while others may require attention throughout the entire day and into the evening hours.

Choosing a home business can be one of the most exciting opportunities that an individual can pursue. The rewards of operating a successful business are far more than financial and the emotional rewards are priceless. The thought of being your own boss, setting the rules and showing up at work in your bathrobe and slippers has a certain appeal that no other career could even come close to offering.

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Profiting With Affiliate Programs

One of the main reasons more people are not making money on the Internet is that they don’t have a product or service they can market. Most people find it too difficult to develop a product, promote it with a website, and create a marketing plan to get it front of the right people. Most do not have the knowledge or expertise to even get started and are frustrated before they even begin. Does this sound like you? It was for me until I discovered affiliate programs.


Affiliate programs work like a joint venture where you partner with someone who has already developed a product, created a marketing plan and are promoting it with a website. Most affiliate programs will provide you with a product you can market, free website promotion tools, and free training to show you how to promote the program. You drive traffic to the website and they will process and fill the order, handle customer service, collect payments and handle returns. You keep as much as 45% of the profits for your efforts. It’s a great way to start earning money right away!

Where can you find a good affiliate program?

I suggest Strong Futures International. You join for Free and you can earn for free. Plus this is a two tier program. You earn 45% of the profit on whatever you sell or whatever your affiliates buy. Plus you can earn another 15% of whatever your affiliates sell. Nice!

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Work From Home, why?

For someone who wants to earn a living online, affiliate marketing is the
best way to go. You don’t need a special website or have to spend your hard
earn cash monthly to be part of it. Affiliate marketing has made many of
people rich with limited effort.

How do you want your life to be like? He earns 1/4 of a million a year.
I ask you what good is it if he can’t enjoy it? He is Time Poor.

Now let me tell you about another person, they only make around $60,00
they want, where they want. They can travel and work from a beach, a
hotel, from any city they choose to go.

They spend their time enjoying life, spending quality time with the people
they love, family and friends. Sleeps when he wants. Takes a day off when
they want.



So let me ask you this:

Which person would you rather be? Do you want to be like the banker who
is a slave to his job, spending all this time at work, with no time to
enjoy life?


Or do you want to be free, making the living you deserve, a nice income with
plenty of time to enjoy it.

The banker is Time Poor but the Affiliate marketer is Time rich!

Just imagine a business you can start part time, work when you want and earn
as much as you want. I’m not sure what you would choose, but just think about
the possibilites.

At SFI there is no cost to get started. It’s free and always will be. You
can start earning TODAY! You will have your own store with over 90,000 products.
You will get all the training to be a super affiliate, just spend a little time
learning it. It’s all FREE.

So I invite you to join us today, get started on your way to Time Freedom!

Sales or Service?

With so many ways to earn supplemental income, it can be hard to choose. If you are service minded you can do community work. For example, a dog walking service or a dog babysitting service. Then there is mowing grass, handyman work. Shopping for the elderly. These are just a few of examples you can do around your community. Just place an ad in your local paper or post flyers wherever you can.

I prefer Sales myself for so many reasons. First I don’t have to leave the house, no door to door sales, no hotel meetings. No belly to belly sales pitches. I can just get my laptop and cell phone out and make sales.

Using a laptop and cell phone makes life easier, you can work you own hours. Sleep in or stay up as long as you want. So making online sales requires products. As mentioned before Network marketing is selling products of all sorts, and finding others to do the same.

I prefer Affiliate Marketing. There are marketers earning six figures from ebay and Amazon. Amazon is good but they don’t pay well. I prefer SFI (Strong Futures International). With our store we have over 90,000 products and commissions are high. Plus the other feature is if you get others to sell products you can earn a portion of what they earn. Why not make life easier, you can put cash in your pocket today!

Garage Sales!

One of the things I see in our area are garage sales, Yard sales and Flea Markets. People cleaning out their homes of all the items that they don’t use anymore. Placing their used items up for sale turns them into cash and helping to supplement their income.

Flea markets draw the most visitors, however you have to pay for the space to set up your table. Yard sales on the other hand can be quite good if you get all the neighbors to join in, this with some good advertising can draw big crowds.

Some neighborhoods though may require permits to do this. Others may restrict it all together. No matter what though it takes work setting up tables carrying items out of your house placing them on the tables, assigning a price to them. Then once the sale is over you have to put it all away.

That’s why myself and thousands of others prefer Triple Clicks. This is our garage sale online. Here we have constant traffic. Selling your items one at a time, shipping it then collecting your cash. This works out much easier than regular garage or yard sales. Your items are listed online 24/7. Make a sale, ship it and collect. Nice!


If you are looking to clean out your house, sell unwanted items I urge you to sign up with Triple Clicks and start today, easy and effective.