Sales or Service?

With so many ways to earn supplemental income, it can be hard to choose. If you are service minded you can do community work. For example, a dog walking service or a dog babysitting service. Then there is mowing grass, handyman work. Shopping for the elderly. These are just a few of examples you can do around your community. Just place an ad in your local paper or post flyers wherever you can.

I prefer Sales myself for so many reasons. First I don’t have to leave the house, no door to door sales, no hotel meetings. No belly to belly sales pitches. I can just get my laptop and cell phone out and make sales.

Using a laptop and cell phone makes life easier, you can work you own hours. Sleep in or stay up as long as you want. So making online sales requires products. As mentioned before Network marketing is selling products of all sorts, and finding others to do the same.

I prefer Affiliate Marketing. There are marketers earning six figures from ebay and Amazon. Amazon is good but they don’t pay well. I prefer SFI (Strong Futures International). With our store we have over 90,000 products and commissions are high. Plus the other feature is if you get others to sell products you can earn a portion of what they earn. Why not make life easier, you can put cash in your pocket today!

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