Garage Sales!

One of the things I see in our area are garage sales, Yard sales and Flea Markets. People cleaning out their homes of all the items that they don’t use anymore. Placing their used items up for sale turns them into cash and helping to supplement their income.

Flea markets draw the most visitors, however you have to pay for the space to set up your table. Yard sales on the other hand can be quite good if you get all the neighbors to join in, this with some good advertising can draw big crowds.

Some neighborhoods though may require permits to do this. Others may restrict it all together. No matter what though it takes work setting up tables carrying items out of your house placing them on the tables, assigning a price to them. Then once the sale is over you have to put it all away.

That’s why myself and thousands of others prefer Triple Clicks. This is our garage sale online. Here we have constant traffic. Selling your items one at a time, shipping it then collecting your cash. This works out much easier than regular garage or yard sales. Your items are listed online 24/7. Make a sale, ship it and collect. Nice!

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If you are looking to clean out your house, sell unwanted items I urge you to sign up with Triple Clicks and start today, easy and effective.

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