Then There’s Network Marketing

Many people these days turn to network marketing. A home business that can pay very well. You can work part time or full time using this model. Many big name companies are of the network marketing variety, such as Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Amway etc.

This type of model requires very little investment, low startup cost. The idea is to promote products to your friends, family, strangers. This can be done by home parties, newspaper advertisement, online marketing or cold calling.

The whole point is this is a people business, you must put yourself out there and go belly to belly with your prospects. In other words you need to learn to be a salesperson. Selling your products requires letting your prospects know what will the product do to benefit them. The leading type of network marketing company is in health products.

The second part of this is in order to make a full time income you need to find other people such as yourself that would like to promote the products and the business. This creates leverage. The more people you sponsor to promote the products and the more of these people sponsor people to promote the products and business, the more money you earn.

I’ve been down this road and to be honest I did not do well, sponsoring people, I don’t have the people skills to make this happen. I am kind of a shy person. As a matter of fact somewhere around 95% of people who get into network marketing never make even 100 dollars.

Email Marketing

That’s why I turned to Affiliate marketing with a 19 year old company. Not only do they give you the training to be successful, they give you all the tools to. You have your own store with over 90,000 products. Discounted products and you earn commissions from them. Also you have the ability to earn in profit sharing. And if you have someone interested in doing the same, selling products you will be rewarded for their efforts to.

If you are looking to supplement your income without having to approach people and try to convince them to join your program, I Recommend SFI. Join Me!


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